Affiliated Burn Centers

Each year in southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware, approximately 33,000 people experience a burn injury that requires a hospital emergency room visit. The most critical are admitted to one of four regional burn centers.  With today’s advanced medical care, many critically burned people survive but face many months, and possible years, of medical care and recovery.  Through grants and fundraising efforts, the Burn Foundation supports these efforts and the operations of the four regional burn centers. They are:

When the Nathan Speare Regional Burn Treatment Center opened in November 1973, it was the first burn treatment center on the East Coast between Massachusetts and Virginia. The center is located in Upland, Pa. in suburban Philadelphia and provides complete medical care to meet all the needs of burn patients and their families within a single hospital unit – from emergency treatment to intensive care to rehabilitation, follow-up and outpatient care.

The center and it’s team has earned an international reputation for excellence in holistic burn care, treating thousands of new patients since its founding.

The center’s team uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques, medications, therapies, wound care and skin replacement products, and also treats non-burn injuries, such as “road rash,” and medication reactions and other skin diseases that result in conditions similar to those experienced by burn patients.

Crozer-Chester Medical Center

The Nathan Speare Regional Burn Treatment Center
One Medical Center Boulevard
Upland, PA 19013 Phone: 610-447-2800

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Jefferson Burn Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is one of the few burn centers in the area located within a Level 1 Trauma Center, where emergency cases can be flown into around the clock to our intensive care burn center. The Burn Center at Jefferson treats both inpatients and outpatients ranging from minor burns to large catastrophic injuries. Our commitment to patients with burn injuries is multidisciplinary and comprehensive, working to get burn victims back to their normal routine as quickly as possible.

In addition to our acute burn treatment setting, the Jefferson Burn Center also offers an outpatient office, specialized outpatient burn physical and occupational therapy, scar management, including compression garment measurement, face mask scanning and Fractional CO2 laser procedures.

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Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Jefferson Burn Center
1100 Walnut Street, Suite 702
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Inpatient Transfers: 1-800-JEFF-121
Outpatient Appointments: 215-955-866

Temple University Hospital is a certified Level I regional trauma center and has one of the busiest emergency departments in the region providing quality medical care to over 28,000 inpatients and 150,000 outpatients annually.
Temple’s Burn Center is a specialized and highly sophisticated burn care facility offering a wide range of care for children and adults —from high-level trauma care for severely burned patients, to outpatient care for those with less severe burns. And regardless of the extent of the injury, all burn patients treated in the Temple University Hospital emergency room are fast-tracked and seen by burn center specialists.

Temple University Hospital

Temple Burn Center
Second Floor Parkinson Pavilion
3401 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Admissions: (215) 707-2876
Outpatient: (215) 952-0792

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St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is a pediatric hospital that provides a wide range of pediatric medical and surgical specialties. With a medical staff of more than 270 pediatric specialists, St. Christopher’s is a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center and provides programs such as kidney and liver transplantation, minimally invasive surgery, and open heart surgery for the children of the greater Philadelphia area and from around the world.

The Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center provides the specialized care required by children suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. It is one of the only pediatric burn centers located between Boston and Washington, D.C. The team of specialists, including plastic surgeons, pediatric surgeons, pediatricians, nurses, social workers and other specially trained health care professionals, uses modern techniques, not only to treat young burn victims but also to treat the emotional problems resulting from such injuries to the patient and their families.

St Christopher’s Hospital for Children

Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center
Erie Avenue at Front Street
Philadelphia, PA   19134
Ph: 215-427-5000
Fax: 215-427-4444

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