The Anapol Schwartz Family Mentorship Program

Recovery from a burn injury continues long after leaving the burn center.  Besides the Survivor Posterimportance of wound management, reconstructive surgery and therapy many people find it valuable to connect with other burn survivors.

Some people are uncomfortable with their scars and avoid going out in public.  They may become isolated, feel cut off from support systems and reluctant to make friends. 

The Anapol Schwartz Family Mentorship Program matches recent burn survivors and family members with specially trained peers who have been through the process of burn recovery. Drawing on their own experiences and successes, mentors offer a valuable perspective on burn recovery and getting the most out of your life after a burn.

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Paul A. Jargowsky, Ph.D. 

We were privileged to have Professor Paul A. Jargowsky, of the Rutgers University Center for Urban Research and Urban Education, as our guest speaker at our 39th Annual Gala on October 19, 2012.  

At the age of 15, Paul sustained burns over 70% of his body.  At that time, the chances of recovery from such extensive burns were remote, but Paul was fortunate to receive care at the newly opened Crozer-Chester Burn Center.  He made an amazing recovery and went on to graduate from Princeton and Harvard (masters and doctoral).  

Paul showed tremendous courage through his recovery and has devoted much of his life to serving others.   His bravery and inspiration of others are shining examples of the qualities that we are fortunate to see in many of our burn survivors.


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