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The Burn Foundation relies on a network of individual donors, fire departments, corporate philanthropy, government and private grants to provide critical fire and burn prevention programs and education, treatment and recovery to communities and families in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and the State of Delaware.

Because of your generosity we are able to continue our work, including:

  • The Burn Foundation, in collaboration with local fire departments, has provided burn awareness programs like Stop, Drop, Roll, Cool and Call to over 1,100 schools across the Greater Delaware Valley and reached over 230,000 children with critical fire burn prevention programs and videos.
  • Provided prevention education and safety awareness programs to over 2500 Senior Adults throughout the region.
  • Over 12,000 student nurses have completed training in burn care developed by the Burn Foundation's Nurses Advisory Council.
  • Early care and Transfer of Burn Patients, a guide developed by the Burn Foundation's Nurses Advisory Council, is an essential tool for emergency room workers encountering burn injury patients. This valuable resource on the effective treatment and care of burn patients is currently used by more than 170 tri-state area hospital emergency rooms.
  • Project BurnSafe™, is a highly effective DVD/VHS media collection of fire and burn prevention educational modules developed by the Burn Foundation for youth, high-risk audiences, community groups, and professionals in fire prevention and health care.
  • Development of support programs such as the Anapol Schwartz Family Mentorship Program for burn survivors and their families.
  • The Burn Foundation provides much-needed financial support to four regional burn medical centers including: Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Lehigh Valley Hospital, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and Temple University Hospital. Between In the last 5 years, the organization awarded more than $1.8 million to enable these facilities to purchase equipment and enhance patient care.

Your donation to the Burn Foundation can:

  • Expand its vital prevention education programs to reach an additional number of children and community members each year.
  • Sponsor additional children who have suffered a burn injury and provide them with an enriching and life-affirming experience at Summer Burn Camp.
  • Educate more student nurses each year, to fully prepare them to deliver appropriate care in a variety of settings.
  • Continue to develop and provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date online resource library for burn victims and their families, educators and health care providers.
  • Encourage Burn Survivors to enhance their quality of life through the Anapol Schwartz Family Mentorship Program, support groups and our on-line blog.
  • Provide important pressure garments for pediatric Burn Buddies.
Hot Issue

Burn Buddies!

The Union Historical Fire Society has established a fund to provide Burn Buddies to pediatric burn victims to ease the anxiety of dressing changes.  Learn more about Burn Buddies here!

To donate a Burn Buddy, contact the Burn Foundation today!


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