School Programs

The Burn Foundation provides information and outreach programs to elementary, middle and high schools across the tri-state area, as well as providing burn and fire prevention training as part of teacher in-service programs. Over 250,000 children and more than 1200 schools have participated in the Burn Foundation programs. Programs currently available through the Burn Foundation include the following:

  • Pre-K Presentation for Parents - "Teachable Moments: Fire and Burn Prevention for Families with Young Children"
    • Resource Guide and Presentation includes simple suggestions and games to help parents talk about burn safety and first aid.
    • Power Point for anyone talking about burn and fire safety with young children
    • Lesson Plans for teachers of preK children
  • Grade K-2  "Teachable Moments: Fire and Burn Prevention"
    • Stop, Drop, Roll, Cool and Call (DVD)
    • Lesson Plan includes First Aid, Discussion Questions and Bingo Game
    • Follow-Up Classroom Activities
  • Grade 3-4 "Teachable Moments: Fire and Burn Prevention"
    • Stop, Drop, Roll, Cool and Call (DVD)
    • Lesson Plan includes Discussion Questions and Bingo Game
    • Making a Home Escape Plan
    • Follow-Up Classroom Activities
  • Middle School - Grades 5th through 8th
    •  Safety Skills:Fire Prevention for You
    • Includes :Cooking with Kids - DVD, Power Point, Lesson Plans, Handouts, and Activities and Games correlating with PA and NJ Academic Standards
  • High School - Grades 9th through 12th
    • Juvenile Firesetting- The Consequences
      • Classroon Video and Group Discussion Guide
      • Session Facilitation
      • In Service Teacher Training and Professional Interactive Training Module
      • Many burns are the result of intentionally set fires.  The Foundation is recognized as an expert resource, delivering workshops and training sessions that address the dangers of juvenile firesetting to youth workers, teachers, foster parents and members of the fire services community throughout the region.
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Fire and Burn Prevention for Seniors

The Burn Foundation continues to present an exciting prevention program for senior adults.  The program uses an entertaining DVD and bingo game to teach seniors about safe cooking practices, burn first aid, smoking safety, scald prevention, and other aspects of home fire safety.  Thousands of seniors across the region have participated -  with very positive outcomes.  If you are interested in supporting, volunteering, or learning more about the Senior Program, call (215) 545-3816.

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