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"Teachable Moments" for Pre-schools

Target Audience: Grades Pre-K through 2.

Preschool audiences can challenge life-safety educators doing fire and burn prevention. Short attention spans, high curiosity and lack of judgment make this a difficult, but important population to reach. 

The “Teachable Moments” CD gives teachers and educators all the materials needed for a complete Burn Prevention Program including:

  • 4 Complete Lesson Plans
  • 25 Copies of "Teachable Moments" Parent's Guide and Activity Book 
  • PowerPoint for Presentation to Parent Groups
  • Activities for School and Home
  • Handouts

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"Teachable Moments" Parent's Guide and Activity Book

Target Audience: Grades Pre K- 2.

The “Teachable Moments” Parent’s Guide and Activity Book is designed to be used in the classroom and at home. Its attractive 16-page format contains four basic messages that young children can learn through games and activities:

  • STOP, DROP & ROLL for Clothing Fires
  • DON’T HIDE; GO OUTSIDE for structure fires
  • WHAT’S HOT; WHAT’S NOT to prevent scalds and contact burns

Each theme includes pages to color and many activities that children can practice with the entire family. Available in either English or SpanishPrice: $15.00/100.

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"Teachable Moments" for Elementary Students (CD and DVD)

Teachable Moments” Elementary School CD

Target Audience: 2 levels included: Grades K-2 and 2-5.

This complete program features easy to follow: 

  • Complete Lesson Plans
  • Classroom Games and Activities
  • Additional Activities for School and Home
  • Handouts

Price: $40.00 includes complete package: 1 DVD and 100 2-sided bookmarks. Additional Bookmarks: $7.00/100.

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Safety Skills for Adolescents (CD and DVD)

Target Audience: Grades 5 through 8; babysitters, latch-key children.

Often Fire and Burn Prevention stops at grade 5, just when children are developing the ability to make sound safety decisions. In the DVD "Cooking and KIds" a teacher and fireman demonstrate with students safer cooking to reduce the risk of burns and kitchen fires. Topics include scalds and proper steps to extinguish a grease fire. (9 min)  Other topics covered are:

  • The Fire Triangle"
  • Fire-what it's like and how to prevent one
  • How to make a home escape plan
  • The causes and prevention of burns
  • Burn first aid and calling for help

This DVD is designed for use with the overall “Safety Skills” package of fire and burn prevention materials which includes:

  • Complete Lesson Plan with PowerPoint
  • Classroom Games and Activities
  • Additional Activities for School and Home

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Firesetting Matters (CD and DVD)

Target Audience: Grades 8 through 12.

This unique program addresses fire setting and fire play before it starts. It is designed for any group of teens making decisions about their behavior. Using best practices it urges teens to think through actions and their consequences. The DVD, "Juvenile Firesetting-The Consequences", chronicles the story of three teenagers living with the consequences of firesetting. (33 minutes) 

It can be shown in it’s entirety or used as part of the Firesetting Matters prevention program.

Price: $40 for complete program including PowerPoint, CD and DVD.

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Understanding Juvenile Firesetting (CD-ROM)

Target Audience: Social Workers, Firefighters, Juvenile Justice, Educators.

This interactive training module is designed for professionals who work with troubled teens and their families to help them identify children and adolescents who are at risk for firesetting behavior. Two leading experts on juvenile firesetting narrate and lead the user through common misperceptions and characteristics of juvenile firesetters.

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Launching a Community Prevention Campaign (DVD)

Target Audience: Community Prevention Organizations.

This video illustrates the steps needed to launch a successful outreach campaign in your neighborhood, community or school as it follows Pennsylvania�s efforts to address juvenile firesetting through a community intervention program using a multi-disciplinary team approach. The lessons learned during this program launch can be applied to any community outreach initiative. On-screen interviews and presentations by state and local fire officials and a mental health professional provide a structure for the documentary as the stories of planning and launch of the actual campaign unfolds. A list of resource materials is provided including references and sources of supplemental printed materials. (19 minutes)

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Contractor Safety-Preventing Electrical Injuries (DVD)

Target Audience: Utilities and Building Trades.

Power and Utility lines represent a significant hazard for workers in a variety of professions. This safety training video, produced in conjunction with a major utility company, reviews the jobs and people who are at possible risk from electrocution, as well as the power of electricity to injure, and the severity of those injuries. The video includes risk areas for aerial, underground, and electric work and is intended for use with all professional contractors, including cable television, telephone, painters, builders, general contractors and power company staff. The video demonstrates the safe usage of construction equipment and vehicles around electrical and other utilities, and covers the OSHA "Circle of Safety" Rules. (20 minutes)

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Fire and Burn Prevention for Seniors (CD-ROM and DVD)

Target Audience: Senior adults, community-based organizations, county agencies, adult communities, community centers.  

 Seniors are at particular risk from burns because they have thinner skin and less coordination. This video educates seniors about the major risks for burn injury. A burn center nurse and a volunteer demonstrate many tips that seniors can use in their own home to make sure that they and their loved ones stay safe. (22 minutes) 

Video also available in Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin.

This CD, "Fire and Burn Prevention for Seniors," contains the supplemental materials you'll need to deliver a fire and burn prevention program to older adults. Included are an easy to use lesson plan, a Burn Prevention Bingo game (based on information from the video) that seniors enjoy, a supplemental powerpoint presentation and brochures/handouts designed specifically for older adults. The Burn Foundation has successfully used this program with groups ranging in size from 7 to 75 and with participants as young as 90.

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Healing Beyond the Scars: Recovery from Burns (DVD)

Target Audience: Burn survivors, their families and friends; healthcare professionals; and others interested in the process of recovery from burns or catastrophic injury.

Severe burn injuries, because they are sudden in onset and catastrophic in scope, pose special challenges for burn patients and their families. Most families are unprepared for the intensive and lengthy treatment a burn injury requires. Physical recovery may be facilitated by such factors as good nutrition, pain relief and enhanced communication with medical staff. In addition to physical recovery, burn patients experience a series of psychological challenges. Because families play an integral part in the injured person’s recovery, their experience often mirrors that of their loved one. In this video burn survivors and family members describe how they met the challenges of recovery and found unexpected meaning in the process. (22 minutes)

* The Burn Foundation will offer this video free to burn survivors. Please contact us for more information.

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Journey to Recovery-The Burn Center Experience (DVD)

Target Audience: Burn survivor families, emergency professionals, first responders and survivors. 

This video, filmed in a Burn Center, describes what occurs at various stages from admittance to recovery. Viewers learn how the medical staff prepares a family to deal with treatment; post operative and outpatient care; and the role of occupational and physical therapists. (18 minutes)

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Healing Burns: Firefighter & Family Stories (DVD)

Target Audience: Firefighters, their families; fire service administrators, trainers and support personnel.

This video tells the stories of two firefighters burned in the line of duty and a spouse’s response. Intended to educate firefighters and their families about burn treatment and the process of recovery, it may be used as part of a fire service training curriculum or support burn prevention training for fire and life safety personnel. (21 minutes)

*The Burn Foundation will offer this video free to injured fire personnel. Please call us for more information.

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Wallchart: Assessment and Initial Care of Burn Patients

Designed by expert nurse-clinicians, this useful wall chart provides step-by-step emergency management of the burn patient in a washable virtually indistructable format. Includes guidelines for assesing burn severity and critera for referral to a burn center.  One for $5.00; five for $20.

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EMT Cards: Estimating Percent of Burns

This handy EMT card helps emergency personnel estimate the surface area of a burn and provides referral numbers for the 4 regional burn centers at: Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Lehigh Valley Hospital, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and Temple University Hospital.  Format is virtually indestructable.  25 for $10.00

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Hot Issue

 Fire and Burn Prevention, Seniors, Diane

"Fire and Burn Prevention for Seniors"  The Burn Foundation continues to present our exciting prevention program for senior adults.  Using a BurnSafe DVD and an entertaining fire and burn prevention bingo game, seniors learn safe cooking practices, burn first aid, smoking precautions, scald prevention and fire safety throughout the home.  This program has been delivered to over 3000 seniors in the region with very positive outcomes.  If you are interested in supporting, volunteering or learning more about the Senior Program please call (215) 545-3816.

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