The BurnSafe™ Prevention/Education Library

The BurnSafe™ media library is a comprehensive digital media library of fire and burn injury prevention materials designed to be used in a variety of settings with diverse audiences.  Our programs are a collaborative between Burn Foundation staff, medical professionals, the fire services, and corporate partners committed to burn and fire prevention.   


Burnsafe™ prevention materials are fun and easy to use.  Whether you are a firefighter, teacher, safety professional or just concerned parent or interested observer are these materials designed with you in mind.


Burn Prevention Information is scarce. Most of us are unfamiliar with the wide range of burn injury hazards and the physical, psychological and social impact of a severe burn.  The good news is that most burns are preventable.  People from all walks of life can benefit from the knowledge of how to prevent, treat and  recover from a burn injury. In addition to knowledge, effective prevention requires a willingness to address safety risks and the development of skills to avoid injury.  


For more information about appropriate video and prevention materals for your organization, please call the Burn Foundation (215) 545-3816 or contact us at



Hot Issue

 Fire and Burn Prevention, Seniors, Diane

"Fire and Burn Prevention for Seniors"  The Burn Foundation continues to present our exciting prevention program for senior adults.  Using a BurnSafe DVD and an entertaining fire and burn prevention bingo game, seniors learn safe cooking practices, burn first aid, smoking precautions, scald prevention and fire safety throughout the home.  This program has been delivered to over 3000 seniors in the region with very positive outcomes.  If you are interested in supporting, volunteering or learning more about the Senior Program please call (215) 545-3816.

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